Check Out Brunch at Cupitol, Top 5 Menu Items

January 14, 2019

breakfast & brunch at cupitol chicago


Attention all you Cupitol fans! If you love that epic mish-mash meal you normally have in between breakfast and lunch, have we got an article for you! We’re going over Cupitol’s top five brunch menu items.

Now, before we get started—we wanted to add that we really enjoy brunch. We love eating stacks of buttery pancakes and bonding with our family over a cup of fresh pressed orange juice.

However, a lot of restaurants we’ve visited over the years make you wait for an obnoxious amount of time to get a table. And once you do sit down with your family, there aren’t many options.

But, as we like to say at Cupitol—we go the extra cup. Whether you love endless tasty brunch items—or hate having to wait to get your food (unlike other places that serve brunch)—we’ve got you covered.

After all, it’s a day or night delight to eat brunch at Cupitol. So, without further ado…

Our Top 5 Breakfast Items

Shroomed Omelette
This incredible dish is made with wild mushrooms, gruyere, spinach, and comes paired with a side of multigrain toast and hash browns. The eggs have a fluffy texture and the fresh wild mushrooms blends well with the Gruyere and spinach.

Sweet Potato Bowl

Our fantastic potato bowl is typically made with brown rice, kale, vegan coconut curry—but you can also add poached eggs. It is full of flavor and the sweet potato gives it a nice balance. What makes it so special is the mix between the curry and sweet potatoes.

Avocado Wrap

For our excellent avocado wrap, we use a wheat tortilla to sandwich together scrambled eggs, Hass guacamole, queso fresco, and pico de galo. Combined with our house made guacamole and pico de galo, our avocado wrap tastes light, well balanced, and refreshing.

Breakfast Sandwich

You can’t go wrong with a classic breakfast sandwich. It is made with fried eggs, Jones Bacon, and American cheese—all sandwiched together with a special house made croissant.

European Breakfast

We absolutely adore our European Breakfast. It’s made with Greek yogurt, homemade almond granola, seasonal berries, and locally produced 100% raw honey. It tastes fresh, filling and sweet.