Coffee Shop Philosophy | The Perfect Cup of Coffee in Chicago

December 27, 2018

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Here at Cupitol coffee shop in Downtown Chicago & Evanston, we take great pride in the coffee we brew. Whether it’s a delicious cup of Macchiato, or an invigorating kick from a shot of espresso—we enjoy the wake-up call we get from a good cup of coffee; helping us rise like a loaf of artisan bread.

Our experienced coffee connoisseurs take great pride in brewing the perfect cup of coffee—that delectable Cortado, or that simmering Mocha Latte you need in the morning to keep you focused throughout the day.

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But what goes into the perfect cup of coffee you may ask? Well, let’s take a look at our coffee shop’s most popular drink: our fantastic Freddo Cappuccino.

We believe the perfect cup of coffee starts with the only best ingredients. We source the freshest and finest coffee beans by importing them straight from Europe. The Taf espresso we use is expertly roasted in accordance with traditional European roasting procedures.

Cupitol takes great pride to carry on this European tradition when we receive these exquisite coffee beans. Our coffee baristas prepare our Freddo Cappuccino by first grinding the beans. We then pour the grounds into a La Marzocco coffee maker.

Then we artfully brew two aromatic, intense, and full bodied shots of espresso and pour them into a glass—blending the shots with ice. Next, our baristas carefully pour a thick layer of foam milk over the espresso. Finally, we top off our Freddo Cappuccino with a dash of cinnamon.

We believe crafting specialty drinks like our Freddo Cappuccino is truly an art form. However, it wouldn’t be a perfect cup without the love and care our coffee shop has for our customers.

We cherish the opportunity to serve quality coffee drinks, because we know that a good beverage means more than just a blissful belly.

Here at Cupitol, we strive to be at the center of a happy and healthy community. And we believe we can help bring our customers—our friends and family—together; one cup of coffee at a time.