The Perfect Pair: What Fruits Go Best With Which Coffee Drinks?

November 13, 2019


In the US alone, there are over 150 million daily coffee drinkers. This equates to more than half of the population!

If you’re someone who drinks coffee on a regular basis, then you probably know exactly how you like to take it. Perhaps you’re among the 35 percent of people who take their coffee black. Maybe you like to add some sugar or milk to your coffee. Or, maybe you prefer to drink a latte or a cappuccino.

But, even if you know the go-to coffee order of all your close friends and relatives, there’s a good chance that if someone were to ask you what to pair with coffee, you’d have no idea.


Brewing Coffee at Home: 8 Secrets & Best Coffee in Chicago

November 4, 2019


It was surveyed that 64% of Americans drink a cup of coffee every single day. We all know a few people who you can’t even talk to in the mornings until they’ve had their coffee fix. Are you the type of person who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee? | Best Breakfast in Chicago

Making coffee at home can be even better than buying it from a local coffee shop but there are a few tips you should know about brewing coffee at home.

Just about anyone can make the perfect cup of coffee so keep reading for 8 secrets to make an amazing cup.

1. Stick With Fresh and Whole Beans

When it comes to brewing your coffee at home you’re going to want to buy fresh and whole beans. Coffee beans are just the start of making your coffee delicious. So if you’re buying bags of already ground coffee, then you’re doing it wrong.

Coffee is the best when the beans have just been roasted which is why most bagged coffees do not tell you the date they were roasted. When it comes to buying your coffee beans look for fresh roasters like at a local coffee shop. You should be careful about buying beans from a supermarket because they may have sat in bins for a long time before getting purchased.

2. Keep Your Beans Fresh

Once you do buy your fresh and whole coffee beans, then you need to find the best way to keep them fresh. Fresh beans will help you make the perfect cup of coffee every morning or whenever you need it. You should only buy about 5-7 days worth of coffee beans at a time.

Make sure to store your coffee beans in an airtight container for optimal freshness. Mason jars or storage containers with a rubber gasket seal are good choices for keeping your coffee fresh. You should also never refrigerate or freeze your coffee because they easily absorb moisture and other food odors.

3. Grind and Use

You only have about 30 minutes after the coffee beans are ground to use them before they start losing their flavor. This is because the more time the beans are exposed to oxygen the quicker they begin to break down. So every time you want a delicious cup of coffee you should be grinding your beans right then.

You have many different options when it comes to grinding your beans and they’re all at different price points. Some people like a fancier automatic burr grinder which will cost you a pretty penny but a manual hand mill can get you the same effect. The finer you grind your coffee, then the more flavor you will get.

4. Certain Water

When it comes to brewing your coffee you should take a lot at the type of water your using. Tap water can change the taste of your coffee because of the chlorine or other flavors. Using softened or distilled water can also make your coffee taste bad because a good cup of coffee needs minerals found in other sources of water.

Best Coffee Places in Chicago

You should opt for using bottled spring water or a filter on your tap water. Filtered and spring water help to make the best cup of coffee because they contain essential minerals. So when it comes to making the perfect cup of coffee you should be aware of the kind of water you are using.

5. The Right Temperature

When you use an automatic coffee maker you’re skipping the vital step of making your coffee at the right temperature. You should aim to make your drip brew coffee at 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. High end and pricier coffeemakers usually have a way to adjust the temperature but less high tech ones do not.

You can see how hot your coffee gets by doing a test. Run only water through your machine and use a thermometer to see how hot the water gets during the brewing process. Some machines don’t make it to 195 degrees Fahrenheit so you may want to try pre-boiling the water before running it through the coffee maker.

6. Measure the Right Way

When you make coffee you will want to use the same amount of coffee per unit of water every single time you brew. Measure your coffee by weight instead of volume. You can use a digital scale for the best results on comparing coffee and water each time.

Figuring out the right way to make your coffee may take a lot of trial and error. Generally, to make a fairly strong cup of coffee you can use the ratio of 1:20 which is one part coffee to 20 units of water. It is up to you to decide how you want to make the perfect cup of coffee.

7. Avoid Using Cheap Filters

According to the experts, cheap coffee filters produce cheap tasting coffee so you want to invest a little bit when it comes to buying your coffee filters. Oxygen-bleached or dioxin-free paper filters are the ones you will want to look for and yield the best effects. Good tasting coffee comes from being specific about every step of the process.

8. Keep Your Equipment Clean

To get the best and freshest tasting coffee you need to make sure that all of your equipment is clean. At least once a month you should run a strong solution of vinegar or speciality equipment cleaner through your coffee machine. This will help to get rid of any build-up of minerals in the machine that could create a different taste.

You will also want to keep your grinder and storage bins clean as well. Make sure to empty them every so often so you can really clean them out. Oils can build up and ruin your beans making a not so tasty cup of coffee.

Brewing Coffee Can Be Fun

While there are many tips and tricks to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, brewing coffee can still be fun. There are many different ways to brew coffee and make it taste great.  You have to figure out what works for you.

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